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The biological activities of asiaticoside support its use as a promoter of wound healing and potentially, as a bioactive component of an artificial skin.
Artificial skin lot closure and healing of wounds created by skin cancer excisions.
During the race to save Yeargain's life, medical staff covered her body with an artificial skin called transcyte and gave her medication to stop the internal bleeding Lozano said the transcyte allowed rapid healing, adding: ``Within about a week her own skin was back.
And lastly, presentations on evaluation techniques will discuss in vitro cellular models, artificial skin and non-invasive techniques, as well as sensory evaluation techniques.
Incorporating the TGase I promoter into vectors could be particularly useful for human gene therapy, vaccines, drug delivery, artificial skin production, and testing pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
Trade-named SpyroDerm--which means "breathable artificial skin," says CardioTech--the dressing is based on the company's patented hydrophilic polyurethane.
Advanced Tissue Sciences, La Jolla, CA, and Smith & Nephew PLC, London, UK announced they have received Premarket Approval (PMA) from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Dermagraft, a living artificial skin product for use in the treatment of chronic foot ulcers with diabetes.
During the procedure, the same artificial skin used in human surgery will be used to create a covering over the abscess.
5 Kyodo A startup venture was launched Friday to cultivate mucous membranes and cartilage from the human mouth into artificial skin for commercial use in medical treatments.
Innovative new biomedical applications, including artificial skin, heart valves, and other organs grown on biopolymer "scaffolding", are creating opportunities for commercial development of these biodegradable plastics.
Nanocellulose is being developed for use in applications ranging from scaffolds in tissue engineering, artificial skin and cartilage, wound healing and vessel substitutes to biodegradable food packaging.
ISLAMABAD -- Scientists have developed a breakthrough technique to grow artificial skin - using stem cells taken from the umbilical cord.