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Anaesthesia was discontinued after changing the oral endotracheal tube for a nasal one in order to facilitate artificial ventilation in the ward.
Hospitals dominated the market in 2015 due to the requirement of artificial ventilation in the delivery and neonatal ward.
During the initial 19 days of Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) admission he was put on a ventilator for artificial ventilation.
Systematic review and meta-analysis of studies of the timing of tracheostomy in adult patients undergoing artificial ventilation.
Drager is credited with pioneering anesthesia technology and artificial ventilation through its first emergency respirator - pulmotor.
If the patient suffers severe respiratory depression or respiratory arrest, artificial ventilation must be commenced immediately.
The minimally invasive approach was also found to be as safe as general supportive therapy, which can involve intense blood pressure control, artificial ventilation, drugs to control swelling and watchful waiting for the clot to dissipate on its own.
Without a DNR, emergency personnel will perform chest compressions and artificial ventilation, and you will still receive standard medical care.
A Carlos Haya hospital spokeswoman said: "The woman was admitted to hospital in a very serious condition and was put on artificial ventilation.
The allocation of 25 million soms from the Reserve Fund of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic for the acquisition of modern medical equipment, including - anesthesia and respiratory devices, sets of artificial ventilation, surgical electric pumps, operating tables, etc.
Significant work on artificial ventilation was sporadic at best during the 18th century, its primary emphasis being resuscitation.
32) In environments with artificial ventilation, the air conditioning system, due to condensation trays, has been considered an important source of microorganism distribution.