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In Sudan the artificiality of the modern state was already shattered earlier this year with the peaceful secession of South Sudan.
It can be viewed as artificial and isolation can spring from artificiality," Klein says.
She quickly recognizes the artificiality and even pomposity of the community and sets about trying to get its members to live as she does--directly and honestly.
In their obvious artificiality, these blurry forms both accentuate and undermine the intense verisimilitude of what surrounds them, particularly in those works where they less resemble supernatural beings than marks scoured on the image's surface.
Opera has a built-in artificiality you don't get in conventional theatre: people sing all the time, to the accompaniment of a full orchestra.
Other works are not so subtle on this central theme of the artificiality forced on most women in contemporary culture--such as the picture of a woman seemingly strapped to a hospital bed.
In the innovative fiction of the present times, the focus of the narrative has shifted from the delineation of character to the process of the creation of fiction and the artificiality of the text.
When his work was completed, Colt told the club: 'I do not want to see any artificiality about the course.
So it seems that we are faced with a remarkable irony: that in an age of increasing artificiality, children first need to sink their hands deeply into what is real; that in an age of light-speed communication, it is crucial that children take the time to develop their own inner voice; that in an age of incredibly powerful machines we must first teach our children how to use the incredible powers that lie deep within themselves.
Despite its artificiality, the border between Mexico and the United States strongly affects the way environmental and human health problems are addressed in the region where these two nations meet.
Even through the artificiality of this courtly lyric, we gain access to Henry's thinking about women.