artillery fire

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On his Twitter feed, Gatilov said that there's news indicating that the wounds inflicted upon many of the victims of al-Houla massacre are not the result of artillery fire, therefore one must wait for objective evaluation from the international observers.
Libyan rebels and pro-Gaddafi forces exchanged heavy artillery fire near the western city of Zlitan on Friday as the rebels tried to push deeper into government-held territory east of the capital.
UNMIS calls on the SAF to immediately stop its artillery fire from the vicinity of UNMIS compound.
Security Forces attacked at the hideouts of militants with heavy artillery fire in Ali Sher Zai, Chinarak and Sparkut areas.
The two sides engaged in an exchange of artillery fire, in which four South Koreans were killed.
Summary: Artillery fire has been heard on a South Korean island near waters disputed by North Korea suggesting a live-fire drill had begun.
In New York overnight, the Japanese currency drew buying against the dollar from risk-averse players on concern over Asian economies after North and South Korea exchanged artillery fire.
Tensions are running high in the region after four people were killed by North Korean artillery fire last week and the North put missile launchers along its border.
NORTH and South Korea battered each other with artillery fire yesterday in one of the most serious confrontations since their war ended nearly 60 years ago.
ARBIL / Aswat al-Iraq: Border areas in the Iraqi Kurdistan region came under Turkish artillery fire on Tuesday, leaving five civilians wounded and causing material damage, according to an official source in the Kurdish peshmerga forces.
The soldier's primary role also includes co-ordinating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), artillery fire, rockets and aircraft overhead.

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