artillery fire

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when the military dropped white phosphorous in the area in preparation for artillery fire.
Based on records, Pangilinan took it upon himself to withhold artillery fire support in consideration of the peace process and artillery fire protocols," it said.
Cabunoc said based on initial reports from the field, the adjacent house where the artillery fire allegedly occurred remained intact, which meant that the damage could not have been caused by the 105 mm explosion.
There were reports of sounds of artillery fire inside the North's
Ang sinasabi ni General Pangilinan, nag stick sya sa protocol sa doctrine ng artillery fire support," Trillanes said.
adding that the artillery fire was apparently aimed at North Korea's own
But here in Goma, the hub of relief operations for the refugees in Zaire, artillery fire rattled the dawn sky, and fighting flared west of town Thursday morning.
2 million contract from the Danish Army Technical Service to produce a manportable third-generation infrared system for artillery fire direction teams, and for forward observation and reconnaissance applications.
TEHRAN (FNA)- At least 144 Al-Nusra Front terrorists were killed in the heavy airstrikes and artillery fire of the Russian and Syrian armies in Idlib province on Sunday night.
BEIRUT -- Syrian troops bombarded rebel bastions near the capital on Sunday a day after at least 32 civilians including 11 children were killed by air strikes and artillery fire in the Damascus area, a watchdog said.
It was the second day the two countries have exchanged artillery fire across the Ruzizi River, which divides Cyangugu from Bukavu.
These trainers will be used to train Forward Observation Officers and their parties mounted in Warrior Observation Post Vehicles in the drills and procedures required to direct and control artillery fire on the battlefield.

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