artistic effort

See: creation
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But the price of a Chinese lantern is no more than EGP 100 while Egyptian lanterns than can reach more than EGP 500 due to the great artistic effort required as well as an increase in the price of raw materials.
Why should one discard the centuries of artistic effort that made possible an ordered relation to an otherwise anarchic array of visual stimuli?
Asked about the purpose of such a collaborative artistic work that includes a number of well-known names in photography, he said: "When Portfolio Gallery conveyed its interest in displaying my artwork, I suggested organising a collaborative artistic effort to raise awareness on social issues.
Jane Austen's Literary Manuscripts (1964; 2001) and Jane Austen: A Students' Guide to the Later Manuscript Works (2007) drew attention to the artistic effort Jane Austen expended, helping us see the novels as "the rewards of laborious composition, of trial and error, the art of the novelist won through many years of highly conscious experiment.
This collaborative artistic effort will include guest artists from the Boston Ballet and the Festival Ballet of Rhode Island.
Political sentiments aside, the artistic effort should be applauded.
The kitchen's color palette is like a muted Monet painting; in a true artistic effort, Shemchuk and Farley custom-mixed the floor stain and several paints.
The defeat of subjugation of dissident literature or imagery can only be a good thing of course, but amid the limitless content which resides on servers across the globe, artistic effort by people who could be the next creative giant is probably rare.
Reduccion del infinito, as its title suggests, is a conscious artistic effort to reduce personal and human experience to a minimum using the fewest words possible.
Expect a challenging workshop that won't ignore the important theoretical and methodological premise that there is a distinction between quality (as a feature of the production process) and excellence (as a result of a creative and artistic effort that cannot be measured and standardized).
When the temptation has been to evolve toward a movement of mundane commercial products, the continuation of artistic effort has prevailed.