artistic judgment

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It poses a challenge to every Filipino far and wide to use the power of their artistic judgment to bring color to our nation.'
All the designs in the book are there to illustrate obsolescence, not personal artistic judgment. This perspective is very refreshing.
Some courts in the past have taken into consideration whether the designer's artistic judgment was exercised independently of functional considerations, which certainly can be argued.
60) notes that one can scarcely imagine education or review in the arts without credible and poignant artistic judgment. That an outsider cannot give voice to everything the choreographer is trying to say or do, does not mean the opposite: that nothing can be meaningfully or constructively said (Best, 1992, p.
An issue often raised at critiques is related to the qualities and standards used in artistic judgment. To put into words the responses to visual perception is nearly impossible as we use grammatical language to describe objects that are purely visual.
Its inherent quality is enhanced based on the artistic judgment of the artist.
The first is where he claims that "there is no difference between artistic events and/or products and ordinary life." The second is where he claims that artistic judgment is subjective, drawing attention to the (supposed) subjective reflections of surgeons on surgery.
Carolyn Ludwig, the editor and publisher, has fine artistic judgment and knows where to get great books assembled.
At the same time, this incongruity is also symptomatic of a broader issue that will constitute a genuine drawback for some readers: a disjunction between the orientation of this book and the latter-day refutation of the specious but longstanding notion that Schumann entered into a gradual state of mental deterioration in the late 1840s, with a concomitant decline in his artistic judgment and creative faculties.
A police source said: "This either points to the fact the thieves had good artistic judgment or that they couldn't melt that one down and it was no use to them." Lady Archer, who was at home in Grantchester, Cambs, at the time of the theft, said yesterday: "We captured it on CCTV.
In this way, the practice of futurism is a labor of both scientific analysis and artistic judgment. The balance is a difficult one, but in the 2006 State of the Future, Jerome C.
The quality of an artistic creator is not only a matter of technical skill; the uses to which we put our skills are also matters of artistic judgment. Here, an artist uses her skills to cover a social agreement not to examine, and not to discuss, an atrocity that was too profitable to be subjected to moral judgment.