artistic judgment

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His parents were Alexander Wilson, known as Saunders, a former soldier and a weaver by trade, the latter requiring skill and artistic judgment, and Mary McNab, beautiful and talented.
The second is where he claims that artistic judgment is subjective, drawing attention to the (supposed) subjective reflections of surgeons on surgery.
Carolyn Ludwig, the editor and publisher, has fine artistic judgment and knows where to get great books assembled.
At the same time, this incongruity is also symptomatic of a broader issue that will constitute a genuine drawback for some readers: a disjunction between the orientation of this book and the latter-day refutation of the specious but longstanding notion that Schumann entered into a gradual state of mental deterioration in the late 1840s, with a concomitant decline in his artistic judgment and creative faculties.
Totten, JD, argues convincingly that The Appraisal Journal should adopt the rigor of scientific journals and not follow the subjectivity of artistic judgment (Spring 2008).
A police source said: "This either points to the fact the thieves had good artistic judgment or that they couldn't melt that one down and it was no use to them.
The quality of an artistic creator is not only a matter of technical skill; the uses to which we put our skills are also matters of artistic judgment.
With good artistic judgment, a colored or tinted finish can accentuate and enhance the sculpted forms.
The New Jersey-born von Stade, though an internationally famous opera star, has forged her acclaimed three-decades-long career on a foundation of sound artistic judgment and a no-nonsense work ethic that begins with her own exemplary behavior.
We made artistic judgment calls on our point of view, the light source, and then kept moving around to get different groupings.
The BSc (Hons) and BSc final year provides students with an opportunity to specialise in their chosen area, to work as part of a multidisciplinary team, and to develop faculties of critical technical and artistic judgment towards themselves and others.
I am dead set against censorship, but holding a firm position in support of artistic freedom does not mean that one cannot pass artistic judgment.