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Whatever level of hydration skin needs, the Artistry Hydra-V(TM) line answers with a range of formulas that can be customized to skin type, season and climate.
The next 4-Week Professional and 5-Week Master Makeup Artistry courses will begin on February 9th, 2015.
They may be classical, in fact, because they accommodate a new electricity alongside the old artistry.
Perhaps in a competition made famous by its more outlandish entries in recent years, talent and artistry are not enough.
Is twenty-seven minutes too little time to present the life and artistry of the best jazz vocalist in music history?
Karen Sperling, author of the first Painter manual, invited artist Laurence Gartel, whose work has been exhibited around the world, to help photographers get past artist block and offer them out-of-the-box marketing ideas to jump-start their painted photo businesses with The Artistry GARTEL Painting and Marketing for Photographers Seminar.
Musical artistry is a lifelong pursuit, both in our own music making and the musicianship of our students.
95) combines the storytelling talent of Pam Schiller with the energetically colored artistry of Emil Nestor in fanciful and rhyming story about a little girl, an iguana, and a distinctive pair of socks.
TONY BENNETT: ``Fifty Years: The Artistry of Tony Bennett''(RPM/Columbia) - Four stars
Robert Evans defends the artistry of Donne's elegy on the death of Lady Markham by noting that it and his other poems of mourning "seek deliberately to master passion by controlling and redirecting thought" (55); he sees Jonson's lyric on the death of Lady Venetia Digby as less intellectualized and more personal, but both works share similarities in purpose and execution.
NEW YORK-A new mix-and-match lighting line representing a joint venture between SAS Living and Light Artistry will make its debut at the April market in High Point, N.