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But it's been a major obstacle for veterans such as Chan and American skater Adam Rippon, who have quads in their arsenal but lean on artistry and elegance.
After being selected, the Artistry dancers immediately began regular training and rehearsals with Inaside company members and choreographers Sarah Ford Hardy and Kenna Sullivan.
Kelsie finished in joint-fifth position on beam, demonstrating artistry and beautifullycontrolled routine, which was well received by the audience.
Parsons grew up in a small town in Ohio where she focused her passions and began her career in makeup artistry behind the counter revamping, educating and inspiring her customers through the power of makeup.
If you didn't get an invitation, you can still view the artistry on Beretta USA's website.
The next 4-Week Professional and 5-Week Master Makeup Artistry courses will begin on February 9th, 2015.
Fewer may be aware of the global direct seller's position in the worldwide prestige beauty space, with Artistry Cosmetics, and in the premium market with Satinique hair care.
This history unfolds in compelling words and images in "A Legacy in Arms: American Firearm Manufacture, Design, and Artistry, 1800-1900", seminal work that draws upon the collections of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City to trace the business and art of gun making from the early national period to the turn of the twentieth century.
Mikhail Baryshnikov and Gelsey Kirkland were incredible technicians who managed to retain their artistry.
Malabar Gold and Diamonds launched an exclusive exhibition and sale of gold, diamond, and precious gem jewellery, Artistry Branded Jewellery Show, from June 12 to 21, at its retail outlet in Meena Bazr in Bur Dubai.
You can play and there's just a lot more artistry to the show and that's great.
His paintings of the area where her grew up display genuine talent and artistry .