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From the beginning of Les Regrets, it is clear that Du Bellay's claim to write artlessly cannot be taken without qualification.
Later on, when Owen starts to speak, the second group Soon after we will present you a historical play Behind which the seizure of Ireland lay All we beseech from you is Artlessly this Search your conscience for comparable deeds Of the recent past that no one reads (The five actors leave the stage by heading to separate directions.
It is as though the name were the primordial sound bite in some timeless propaganda war, in the course of which the artlessly named vanquished keep on perishing without a trace down the plughole of civilization.
In Macedonia, I have seen beautiful scenery of nature, and met artlessly diligent people.
Many critics soured on Zynga for artlessly appropriating talent from independent game developers by acquiring popular titles that it wants under the Zynga fold (such as "Draw Something").
I have, however, with reluctance been lured onto her bait by writing this, not because I hope to correct her views which I consider she has artlessly manufactured to justify her remit as a controversial journalist, but because this time I feel her observations are beyond the pale of decent humanity.
Shot in the actual panopticon of a Lisbon psychiatric hospital, the film features a stuffed rhinoceros being slowly, artlessly, and surreally wheeled around the room's perimeter, past the narrow cells.
The community person, on the other hand, behaves "'ingenuously,' without calculating the effects of his demeanor, and artlessly receives impressions without initiating surveillance" (131).
Trigger-happy senior military officers in the People's National Army (PNA) headquarters' roomy offices care much about how to use their surplus weapons helter-skelter than proactively champion an artlessly peace process with the neighboring countries, namely Morocco, or the most vehement foe in their eyes.
After the play is over, Rosalind boldly removes her gender mask, in a joke that seems artlessly unrehearsed: 'If I were a woman, I would kiss as many of you as had beards that pleased me' (Epilogue, 14-16).
For example, he states that it "is clear that the Vita Merlini was produced for a limited audience of educated friends, who would have smiled at the presentation of sophisticated textual learning artlessly acquired through supernatural inspiration," and he continues to argue that "this use of astrology is in fact an example of the way in which modern scholars have found Geoffrey's elusive sense of humour difficult to pin down" (102).
But they are additionally indicative of the systemic anachronism that artlessly conflates modern terms and concepts with the intentions putatively informing the evidence, while largely ignoring the categories through which writers did organize their work.