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But where Streep's perf is all art, Portman's is all artlessness -- perhaps as it should be for these two actresses at different junctures in their careers.
To a nation that feels badly let down by its political class, Kostunica's ordinariness and his artlessness as a politician made him popular.
In both plays, however, the playwrights employ the central character as a means of investigating the structures of language in society by dint of the characters' linguistic artlessness.
40, Rossini's Barber Of Seville overture, and Beethoven's Fur Elise (the makers prefer classical tunes because they're out of copyright), all performed with the tacky, cacky artlessness that only a single micro- processor-cum-buzzer can imbue.
She observes that it must imitate certain "realistic qualities": spontaneity, artlessness, ambiguity, irrelevance, allusiveness, and erraticness.
Germans of Michael's age will find themselves in singular empathy with the narrator and his tale, but the utter artlessness Schlink has given its telling will, I think, likewise completely take in other readers and compel them to unprecedented reflection.
Most of all, we need to hear ordinary black men speak with the kind of unselfconscious artlessness that compels others to see past superficial, media-manufactured chasms and enables them to bear respectful witness to another human's reality.
Weinstein dwells on Sherwood Anderson's power of language in Winesburg, Ohio, and seeks to rescue him from charges of artlessness and naivete.
These groupings do form typologies, yet the artlessness of the presentation makes them as easy to dismiss as yesterday's blog posting.
If anything, "Survivor" has revealed just how delicate the alchemy of reality TV really is, and just how much skill lies behind the apparent artlessness of "Big Brother.
Her inability to sense the novelist's visual semiosis sustains both her artlessness and her reputation as virtuous ingenue.
Consider the history of twentieth-century art as artists striving to make things as "artless" as possible, and how the "look" of the artless--because it is the appearance of the artless, an artful artlessness, rather than any actual incompetence--transforms from generation to generation.