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Gail Berenson (GB): Tell us a little about your extensive background in music and what ultimately influenced you to choose the field of performing arts medicine as a career.
That's why I contacted the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine about him.
The work was updated in a second edition as Performing Arts Medicine (San Diego: Singular Pub.
The past two decades have witnessed a growth of interest in performing arts medicine by physicians and physiotherapists worldwide, as evidenced by increased membership in performing arts medicine societies, frequency of international conferences, and an expanding body of scientific literature.
Many such physicians tend to be associated with arts medicine centers or are performers themselves.
In addition to voice medicine, several related arts medicine specialties may be helpful during a singer's career.
Later, Susie was told about the British Performing Arts Medicine Trust, who were able to raise money and help pay back her parents.
And when that concert violinist experiences muscle strain in her wrist, she'd probably do the same thing--and probably be pointed in the direction of the Performing Arts Medicine Clinic.
Research findings suggest that music can have a valuable role in stress management and biofeedback, in the management of medical and dental pain, in psychoneuroimmunology, and in performing arts medicine.
The field of dance medicine, led by organizations such as the International Association of Dance Medicine & Science, founded in 1990, and Performing Arts Medicine Association, founded in 1989, has revolutionized our approach to dancer health.
One of the early successes of Athletes and the Arts, particularly the Performing Arts Medicine Association organization, was working with the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) to create a standard around health and safety in 2012.
There is also material on arts medicine, hearing loss, and voice disorders.

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