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Other organizations interested in performing arts medicine began working with PAMA with an international initiative called PAMAForte
The work was updated in a second edition as Performing Arts Medicine (San Diego: Singular Pub.
In addition to voice medicine, several related arts medicine specialties may be helpful during a singer's career.
Kenneth Brandt received support from both the dean of the Indiana University School of Music and the dean of the IU School of Medicine to establish the Performing Arts Medicine Clinic at the IU Medical Center.
This literature review presents a range of innovative medical applications of music in stress management, biofeedback, psychoneuroimmunology, pain relief and performing arts medicine.
An increasing number of reliable sources are becoming available through organizations such as the Performing Arts Medicine Association, the National Association of Schools of Music and MTNA.
There is also material on arts medicine, hearing loss, and voice disorders.
Crist attended a meeting at The Methodist Hospital's Center for Performing Arts Medicine, where specially trained doctors provide care to performing artists.
an internist with the Center for Performing Arts Medicine at The Methodist Hospital in Houston.
2) However, the concepts of arts medicine have evolved into a medical specialty, primarily since the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Dunk'N'Funk 2002 was, in fact, a celebrity basketball tournament in aid of the British Performing Arts Medicine Trust.
A new addition to the growing body of literature dealing with the medical problems of performing artists, IJAM is the offical organ of the The International Arts Medicine Association (IAMA) and The International Society for Music in Medicine (ISMIM).

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