as a result of

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One wheel slowly moved, another was set in motion, and a third, and wheels began to revolve faster and faster, levers and cogwheels to work, chimes to play, figures to pop out, and the hands to advance with regular motion as a result of all that activity.
Because A is protected against loss on the loan, A's at-risk amount is not increased as a result of the entire transaction.
As a result of the signing, Garret Anderson will move to center field and Darin Erstad moves to first base.
A lot of our supplies are as a result of salvage work," said LaBrash.
As a result of its recycling processes, C&A has made significant strides with programs such as reduction of virgin material use, energy, water consumption, emissions, greenhouse gases and VOCs.
This increase should offset the negative basis adjustment that occurs as a result of the subsidiary's compensation deduction.
The move comes as a result of Pryor's continued growth, both internationally and in the range of services, prompting him to expand and redefine the scope of the company formerly known as Pryor & Associates, LLC.
These restated MD&A's are being re-filed at the request of the Ontario Securities Commission ("OSC") as a result of their continuous disclosure review of the Company's filings.
The company's actual results may differ materially from those suggested as a result of various risks and uncertainties.
A review of the information provided indicates that A exhibited symptoms of emotional distress and sought medical and psychiatric treatment as a result of Y's alleged discrimination.
TS presumably agreed to the settlement conditions and the damages payment to avoid the possibility of having to pay a larger amount as a result of the continuing litigation.