as agreed upon

References in classic literature ?
It is true that the peasants of the same company, though they had agreed to work the land on new conditions, always spoke of the land, not as held in partnership, but as rented for half the crop, and more than once the peasants and Ryezunov himself said to Levin, "If you would take a rent for the land, it would save you trouble, and we should be more free." Moreover the same peasants kept putting off, on various excuses, the building of a cattleyard and barn on the land as agreed upon, and delayed doing it till the winter.
Assuming that a subsequent cycle will not be examined or the taxpayer as yet to file a subsequent year return, what mechanism would the taxpayer suggest to provide the Service with assurance that these rollover and recurring issues will be dealt with as agreed upon during the examination, thus eliminating the need for an examination of these issues?
Response #1: The most logical answer is to enter into a closing agreement to ensure that result; that approach should ensure that the rollover issues will be dealt with as agreed upon during the examination.
After the castings have been cleaned and shotblast, place the ultrasonic probe on the same area of the casting (as agreed upon with the customer) for every measurement.
A temporary international or foreign presence, as agreed upon.
In other words, the establishment of the Palestinian police force by the elected council is undertaken in cooperation with Israel, as agreed upon in the interim agreement.