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Plant out the spring pansies and polyanthus as soon as possible.
The registration process for the mortgage lending firm will begin as soon as the initial regulatory details are completed.
Marigolds and petunias should be planted as soon as possible so they can establish their root systems before our first heat wave sets in.
Accordingly, the Fund's board of directors has determined that it is in the best interests of the Fund to cease distribution of any additional Class A Shares as soon as possible and to review its options for ceasing operations based on the Fund's current business model as soon as practical.
We will post photos and a virtual tour of the facility as soon as practicable.
We look forward to receiving specific guidance for our pilots as soon as possible in this critical flight-safety matter.
Disputing reports that he urged his superiors to be cautious, Osipovich said he was prepared to shoot the plane down as soon as it crossed the border and still regrets that he was not allowed to do so.
Tropical and subtropical trees should be repotted in midspring; azaleas should be repotted as soon as they finish flowering.