as soon as possible

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During his address to the EU Foreign Affairs Council, the Minister reaffirmed BiH's commitment to the best possible relations in the region and urged Pristina to abolish as soon as possible undemocratic and anti-European taxes of 100 percent on goods from Serbia and BiH.
"We want to avoid surgery so we will use PRP treatment to try to get him back as soon as possible.
On behalf of Tax Executives Institute, I am writing to urge you to ensure that the Internal Revenue Service receives the funds and other support it needs to effectively administer our country's tax laws and to appoint a new Commissioner as soon as possible in order to most effectively address the challenges now facing the IRS.
5 Clear greenhouses as soon as possible where they are to house late-flowering chrysanthemums or half-hardy perennials.
Lionel would like to give an additional 89.45% to the children as soon as possible. (He and Jane each would like to retain 1% interests, with Lionel's being the general partnership interest.) Outright gifts of the 89.45% interests would be valued at $626,150.
An additional 14 nations, including the U.S., are moving to filter all donor blood as soon as possible.
Transport Minister Lord MacDonald said: 'In our meeting the Prime Minister has made clear his determination to ensure that the rail network gets back to normal as soon as possible.'
* An implementer who can achieve milestones quickly that allow the company to go public as soon as possible
Since interest and penalties on back taxes can run as high as 24% a year, it's a good idea to get caught up as soon as possible, says Bruce Mayberry, general manager of Capitol Tax Relief (800-762-3960; www, a Los Angeles-based national consulting firm that negotiates settlements with the IRS.
The Net does need to become a "clean, well-lighted place." And it should be the government's job to start sweeping the streets and building the lamp-posts as soon as possible.
This lets the borrower and the lender know what type of loan the borrower can qualify for as soon as possible. "Today, people shop for a lender before they shop for a house," says Politis.
For any company, this date should fall about three months before your yearend, as soon as possible after the relevant financial statements are completed so the information is still fresh to you and your staff.