as though

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Part of the problem is that she hunts for profundity as though her interest in these moments and her visits to these places has to be validated by finding something LARGER.
Sometimes it appears as though he is about to take some sort of action, maybe even muster the will to stand up, or perhaps a thought has flitted across his brow, but in the end he does not move.
The present suite opens with a vast, horizontal field of flowers in bloom and decay, a Monet Water Lilies rottin g in mud and sand, as though Bruckner had orchestrated a piece by Ravel.
Vladek sounded as though he viewed this as just another case of misplaced financial resources due to "our 15-year mania for closing hospital beds.
There's invariably a whimsical vigor and bizarre integrity to his protean objects, all the more so because they seem peculiarly indecisive and unresolved, as though they were still developing.
It's as though Katz, the least "spiritual" of painters, had arrived at Eastern wisdom though a completely opposite route: It is worldliness, not the rejection of the world, that dissolves the veil of maya, of illusion.