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After receiving this news late in the evening, when he was alone in his study, the old prince went for his walk as usual next morning, but he was silent with his steward, the gardener, and the architect, and though he looked very grim he said nothing to anyone.
The maid, whom the governess and the pupil shared between them, after finishing with Flora, came to the door as usual, but was not admitted.
At daylight he rose, and as usual looked out for the kite.
In the meantime, Norah, my dear, you will find your work and your books, as usual, in the library.
The rest of our descent was easily accomplished, and in half an hour after regaining the ravine we had partaken of our evening morsel, built our hut as usual, and crawled under its shelter.
But I, feeling myself to be one too many, left them to their merriment and lagged behind, as usual on such occasions: I had no relish for walking beside Miss Green or Miss Susan like one deaf and dumb, who could neither speak nor be spoken to.
For when the purchase was about to fail, as usual, the master sud- denly spoke up and said what would be worded thus -- in modern English:
Carey had retired as usual after dinner for a little snooze in the drawing-room, but he was in an irritable mood and could not sleep.
As usual, he did not speak to her without considering whether what he was about to say was the sort of thing that he could say to her.
And as usual old `Uncle Mark Miller' brought me from the station with his ancient buggy and what he calls his `generous purpose' horse.
Lisa encamped, as usual, at no great distance; but the same sullen jealous reserve and non-intercourse continued between them.
On the second day after Sir Pitt Crawley's offer to Miss Sharp, the sun rose as usual, and at the usual hour Betty Martin, the upstairs maid, knocked at the door of the governess's bedchamber.