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Sunday 27th to Wednesday 30th December all stores open as usual.
The familiar face of Gerry Owen from Warrington is on the stand as usual but the musicians will also include John Brunton from Burnley on tenor sax and clarinet.
The club knew about it and I feel great, soit's business as usual,''he said.
a) less than usual or not at all (b) same as usual (c) more than usual (d) much more than usual
As usual, some of the most sensitive gay-themed films were to be found on the small screen, from Hallmark Hall of Fame's empathic look at teenage street hustlers (Angels With Sticky Wings) to ABC's The Loneliest Square: The Paul Lynde Story.
Instead of pumping warm, moist air into the region, as usual, the jet stream channeled that air into the Midwest.
Economides: "The Saudi King, Fahd, died last week, 10 years after a debilitating stroke, and two things happened immediately: the price of oil went up, and the United States government (and much of the press) said things will be business as usual.
30am; Christmas Eve to January 2, closed; January 3, open as usual.
In 2003, the year that Californians made history by recalling a recently elected governor and choosing an action hero to replace him, the people stood up to politics as usual.
Andrew Gaffney, Group Publisher for Consumer Goods Technology magazine (the producer of the CGIT 2001 Conference, held October 21-24, 2001, at the Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando) and RIS News magazine, opened the Conference by saying, "While our country's leaders are encouraging 'business as usual,' we're here to encourage you to NOT do business as usual.
PALMDALE - Despite high fire danger in neighboring foothills, fireworks sales will go on as usual in Palmdale and Kern County.
For the Fast 50 companies, business as usual means continued growth, and people continue to be a critical factor.