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In this respect, Yankee Merchants and the Making of the Urban West is an essential companion to William Cronon's sweeping study of Chicago's ascendance, Nature's Metropolis, also published in 1991.
They discuss the ascendance of these peripheral social ties; how and where they occur; how these strangers broaden the sense of self and link people to information and other resources; how they can help people stay healthy or cope with an illness; their negative aspects; and how these acquaintances will increase in importance to future generations.
But while the novel provided a lot more for Dolarhyde to do on screen, its few Lecter scenes were used up in two ``Manhunter'' sequences, with Brian Cox playing the mad doctor before his ascendance to pop-cultural icon.
Given the Sturm und Drang that's followed this Burgi-centered swirl of events, Ruf's ascendance is all politesse.
And in the long run, that moral myopia may do far more damage to women's interests than the ascendance of one Honorable Clarence Thomas.
Such drastic winnowing of Permian organisms allowed new forms to rise in prominence, ultimately leading to the ascendance of the dinosaurs.
Pursuing a selection of stories that can be written about the consequences and uses of Garveyism, he says the movement flourished during the interwar years as a diasporic politics, its claims of solidarity facilitating and inspiring the organization of local initiative, its global vision of Negro ascendance and anticolonial resistance cutting through and across difference in creative and generative ways.
During a keynote speech at the event, KEPS Chairman Mohammad Al-Ahmad said he was proud that the milestone occurred during Kuwait's national celebrations, which include the National Day, Liberation Day and the ascendance of HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.
Newark) tells the story of leisure culture in the Anglophone Caribbean for the past 150 years as a story of the nascent and aspiring black middle class striving to reconcile their origins in black-identified culture, with aspirations for social ascendance and international recognition.
And in keeping with the ascendance of marketing over content, the image manipulators, who not so long ago made it a professional point to stay out of the spotlight, are themselves getting more press than ever.
Abject art also freely colludes with another of the decade's reigning trends, the ascendance of fashion, as in Kilimnik's drawings and paintings of various glamour images--works that tear apart the ideal even as they pay homage to it.