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Ascendant is 4lb better off with that rival for a length-and-threequarter beating.
Los ejecutivos de Ascendant Cooper aseguran que Junin, al norte del pais, es uno de los mayores depositos de cobre de Sudamerica.
If the mock-heroic Mars Astride Aries was executed with Francesco in mind, then the tail of Capricorn would refer to his father, Cosimo, and, as Cox-Rearick has suggested, would have been part of a larger image of Saturn on Capricorn, Cosimo's ascendant sign, before the sheet was trimmed at top.
Minimalism was ascendant as Wilmarth came of age, and, after spending the late '60s as assistant to Tony Smith, he began to make sculpture from square and rectangular panes of glass, etching an expressive surface with hydrofluoric acid.
But in the fiery opening show of a two-night stint at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, bullet-scarred East Coast rapper 50 Cent showed he has what it takes to move out of mentor Eminem's shadow and beyond the hype surrounding him as hip-hop's latest gangster ascendant.
That is how the ascendant conservatives think the foreign policies of their European and Asian allies compare to the "new realism" the Bush team is bringing to U.
Dijon University lecturer Pierre Bruno declares Harry Potter a "class enemy" and a "dangerous role model," Hermione, Harry's girl sidekick, a "stupid ineffectual bookworm," and Harry's school house of Gryffindor "the ascendant class of the bourgeoisie.
One aspect of the proposal that divided MEPs during debates at Committee and plenary level was whether or not to include ascendant relatives in the scope of the Directive.
There is a good deal of evidence which points to the consideration that most episodes of noble ascent after 1500 were linked to processes of wealth accumulation; however, no one considers these noble ascendant families to be "notables" in the sense this term is used to define similar ascendant groups during the 19th century.
A Scorpio ascendant gives her the ability to transform herself, while Venus in Gemini gives a wonderful way with words.
In fact, the book must have been printed sometime after New Year's Day 1556 (New Style), as can be demonstrated from an astrological reference in Oliver Oldwanton's dedication of the Image to Lady Lust: ~Venus of late to advance herself hasted her ordinary course, thinking to make her ascendant above the head of Jupiter; but by a mischance she stumbled on Scorpio, and under such sort was tangled, that not only she failed the advantage of her pretended purpose, but moreover lost two degrees and half of her possessed preeminence'.
Ascendant is primarily interested in investing or acquiring manufacturing, distribution, service, healthcare, finance and retail industries with $20 to $150 million in annual revenues that require access to capital or capital restructuring, and strategic support to improve operational performance.