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Stocking, then wasted muscles and skeleton: Forms - in time - for slumbering legs to defend, A thigh's trusted embellishment, The secret of the knees' ascendence (18/16)(7)
The ascendence of lower prices also means that in the short term, fuel substitution development also loses its appeal, as well as its subsidies and research funding.
But with the nation-wide ascendence of distribution requirements and core curricula, the school's system is starting to look thin and dated.
The ascendence of assistive technology in the rehabilitation field has provided fertile ground for inventors.
First of all, with the ascendence of scientific rationalism at the end of the last century, Western intellectual thought discounted the importance of religion and religious experience in an individual's life.
From the Iranian revolution in the late 1970s to the emergence of Osama bin Laden on the world scene in the mid 1990s, a violence-orientated fundamentalist Islam has been in ascendence, with the United States as its primary target, and the destruction of Israel high on its agenda.
The addition of this esteemed industry veteran to the Healy Hudson Board serves to underscore the company's rapid ascendence in the collaborative sourcing marketplace -- and to energize its newly launched US marketing presence.