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"The time-frame cannot be ascertained at this stage; however efforts are taken to start the mining operations," Sawant said in a written response to a question from BJP MLA Subhash Shirodkar.
He said the cause of the fire outbreak could not be ascertained but said neighbours were alerted by the noise from the house, adding that some of the victims had been burnt beyond recognition before help could reach them
The suspension of the 15 staff members, including SHO Rawat SI Ijaz Qureshi came after an inquiry by SSP Operation Syed Ali Akbar ascertained that the police raiding party had not intimated the Islamabad police prior to the raid, which was mandatory under the law.
The larger bench, to be headed by the chief justice himself, will ascertain what constitutes an act of terrorism and what does not.
"It is likely that she was shot from a small weapon, however, it is hard to ascertain until a post-mortem is conducted," the doctor further said.
It is difficult to ascertain the extent of involvement of members of the committee in the bribery claims, as no evidence was tabled showing either their direct or indirect involvement, save for media reports linking the larger committee membership to the bribery claims," Mr Mathenge said.
She affirmed that taking part in the elections is a must for every citizen and that she was keen to ascertain of the existence of her name on the lists.
Whether the rearrangement, or the misspelling was intentional or a mistake, could not be ascertained, but The Dependent has reliably learnt that the classified document has been sent for a retype.
The statement said in order to safeguard the sanctity and credibility of the state institutions, honorable Supreme Court of has been requested to ascertain the veracity of the allegations and take actions accordingly.
KRA will also conduct investigations ascertain whether duty was paid before the products were allowed into the country.
The police have also yet to ascertain how many suspects participated in the killing, the officer maintained.
If the contract is not deposited, you must produce your contract as well as the receipt of the down payment, so that the Lands Office can ascertain the sales date.