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However, even if White's nominal party status was not ascertainable from the complaint, the notice of removal was required to be filed within 30 days after receipt of a pleading, motion, order or other paper from which this fact may have been ascertained. U.S.
It will be ascertained how he was appointed deputy commissioner .
The cause of the fire is still to be ascertained. The forensic laboratory of the Ajman Police will find out the reason behind the blaze once the cooling process is completed and the premise is handed over to the police.
Rescue workers said they recovered the body of the 10-year-old child, whose identity was yet to be ascertained. Separately, an unidentified young man died when his motorbike slipped on Khayaban-e-Sehar in the DHA due to rain.
In the first half of this year, the Tax Board ascertained 685 million kroons' (43.9 million euros) worth of unpaid taxes overall.
1933), addressed the specific charge-off requirement and noted that Congressional intent was to allow a deduction for business bad debts in the year in which ascertained worthless, provided there was "some specific act of the taxpayer clearly indicating their abandonment as assets." In concluding that the taxpayer had failed to perform such act of abandonment within the tax year, the court acknowledged that "the charge-off of debts may take other forms than entries on the books of the taxpayer, may be effected in a variety of ways, and yet be sufficient for substantial compliance with the statute" (emphasis added).
F1 = number of culture-confirmed salmonellosis cases ascertained by FoodNet in 2000 = 4,330.
This is not an idealized recall of a tradition that has suffered a devastating blow during the last three centuries and that has now been pushed beyond the pale of existence by modern science built upon a worldview quite contrary to its predecessor; this metaphysical aspect of the Islamic scientific tradition can be ascertained through thousands of manuscripts and books still at our disposal.
In the purchase of property, clear title must be properly ascertained through a title search done well before the closing.
And when the gift involves stock in a closely held corporation--which doesn't have a readily available, easily ascertained market value--the determination of the gift's value is even more important.
Although the bank's viability was in doubt, the solvency question could not be fully ascertained until completion of the examination, which occurred on May 1.
Whether or not the system is diagnosisrelated may be ascertained by seeing if the few variables used to classify each case cluster by diagnosis.