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However, the details with regard to identification of injured could not be ascertained.
The identity of four of them could not be ascertained.
The letter ascertained that Australia's position on the legal
However, counter to the way implemented by many taxpayers, the repeal of the reserve method does not require them to rely on the write-off entry recorded for financial accounting purposes; Congress intended to allow a deduction for partially worthless business bad debts in the year in which ascertained worthless, provided they are charged off by the taxpayer.
F2 = the proportion of culture-confirmed salmonellosis cases ascertained by FoodNet for which isolates were serotyped as S.
In the purchase of property, clear title must be properly ascertained through a title search done well before the closing.
And when the gift involves stock in a closely held corporation--which doesn't have a readily available, easily ascertained market value--the determination of the gift's value is even more important.
Although the bank's viability was in doubt, the solvency question could not be fully ascertained until completion of the examination, which occurred on May 1.
Whether or not the system is diagnosisrelated may be ascertained by seeing if the few variables used to classify each case cluster by diagnosis.
The Punjab government has requested that 'the factual position of the case may please be ascertained from the Indian commissioner at the earliest so as to conform to the provisions of the treaty and avoid shortages in Jhelum River'.
The deceased's identity could not be ascertained immediately.