ascertained fact

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It was a deliberate attack on the mysticism of the Maeterlinck school - an attack from the citadel of positive science upon the wonder-dreamers, but an attack nevertheless that retained much of beauty and wonder of the sort compatible with ascertained fact. It was a little later that he followed up the attack with two short essays, "The Wonder-Dreamers" and "The Yardstick of the Ego." And on essays, long and short, he began to pay the travelling expenses from magazine to magazine.
As fast as the ascertained facts of science have overthrown their subjective explanations of things, they have made new subjective explanations of things, including explanations of the latest ascertained facts.
And as memory, when duly impregnated with ascertained facts, is sometimes surprisingly fertile, Mr.
''If 70% to 80% of the Japanese people say they do not support the administration, it is an ascertained fact. Judgment has been passed on the Mori administration,'' he said.
The decision was taken in an emergency meeting of the NTDC's board at the Wapda House on May 21 that ascertained facts behind the power failure and the way forward.
The operation ascertained facts of direct co-operation and support provided by the US-led coalition to the Isis terrorists."
CJP remarked " we have ascertained facts and now we have to find who is patronizing the criminals.