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To check for eavesdropping, the receiver would simply compare notes with the sender, ascertaining what the results for a number of selected measurements should have been.
Of course, it is conceivable that a severity measurement system would tell us what is wrong with the patient as a by- product of ascertaining severity.
Systems that depend first on ascertaining medical diagnosis would be errorprone, if they relied on medical records coding, or must determine diagnosis independently (to the extent that this could be done at all from medical records, because needed data might be missing or in error).
Fire department officials, meanwhile, said they were ascertaining the cause of a blast which some employees said they had heard.
A fraudulent return places the IRS at a special disadvantage in discovering and ascertaining fraud; this disadvantage is present whether the fraud is that of T or H.
The completed portfolio is then available to parents in ascertaining and assessing pupil achievement.
With respect to illegal acts that could have a material indirect effect on the financial statements, if information comes to our attention that provides evidence of the existence of possible indirect effect illegal acts, we must apply procedures directed to ascertaining whether an illegal act has occurred.
Government Auditing Standards requires that if specific information comes to our attention providing evidence of possible noncompliance that could have a material indirect effect on the financial statements, we must apply audit procedures directed to ascertaining whether that noncompliance has occurred.
That single score, such as percentiles, standard deviations, and grade equivalents, among others, provides an "absolute score" for ascertaining how well schools are doing.
Applying the Dillingham guidelines, the district court stated that it had no difficulty ascertaining that - the intended benefits were monthly pensions after retirement; - the beneficiaries were BEC employees; - the source of financing was BEC's general assets; and - the procedures for receiving benefits were written notice by the employee to his supervisor, calculation of the benefit by a company official pursuant to the board's guidelines, approval by Burford and notification of the payroll department.