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Towards noon Phileas Fogg, having ascertained their position, called Passepartout, and ordered him to go for Captain Speedy.
"Our instruments," he said, "are now so perfect and powerful, as to enable us to ascertain many facts of the deepest interest, with near approaches to positive accuracy.
Many of them reject the fruit altogether except at a particular period of its growth, which, incredible as it may appear, they seemed to me to be able to ascertain within an hour or two.
In this way they proceeded until Aiken had ascertained the channel, when signal was given from the ship for him to return on board.
The amendments stipulate that if an audit ascertains unlawful activities that have caused damage to the state, the Audit Office will have the right to initiate a loss recovery process against the guilty officials.
One of the persons who participated in drawing up the amendments, lawyer Edgars Pastars today told Latvian Radio that there would not be many such cases and that loss recovery processes would only be started if institutions, where the Audit Office ascertains violations, do not take any action.
The minister noted that the way forward on the SI would be known after BRRA ascertains the impact on business.
The government has asked the Business Regulatory Review Agency (BRRA) to ascertain the regulatory effect of the Statutory Instrument (SI) to shift transport of 30 per cent of bulk cargoes from road to rail.
A study that ascertains what the current climate is for gays and lesbians and what strategies, information, and training can be provided to current business undergraduates is certainly merited.
An insurer, therefore, bears a duty to defend its insured whenever it ascertains facts which give rise to the potential of liability under the policy." Moreover, an insurer must conduct an adequate investigation and attempt to ascertain such facts.