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The second of these religious poets, Richard Crashaw, [Footnote: The first vowel is pronounced as in the noun crash .] whose life (1612-1649) was not quite so short as Herbert's, combined an ascetic devotion with a glowingly sensuous esthetic nature that seems rather Spanish than English.
Before a caress has had time to cool, a strenuous revulsion seizes me: I long to return to my old lonely ascetic hermit life; to my dry books; my Socialist propagandism; my voyage of discovery through the wilderness of thought.
He was a man about twenty-two or twenty-three years old, but who appeared much older from ascetic exercises.
He was a thin, hard-featured man, with an ascetic, acquiline cast of face, grizzled and hollow-cheeked, clean-shaven with the exception of the tiniest curved promontory of ash-colored whisker.
This can have an implication on the standards for vinegar, which currently prohibit synthetic ascetic acid.
LAHORE: Located about 3 km south of Sukho town is the dilapidated Samadhi of Baba Mohan Das, one of the most popular shrines of an Udasi ascetic of colonial Punjab in Gujar Khan teshsil.
Police in Bihar have arrested a murderer who was acting as religious ascetic in the Hindu pilgrim town of Ayodhya for the past 37 years after being handed down life imprisonment in a murder case.
Joey Samson's 'PilgrimAge' collection for Red Charity Gala (RCG) 2017 may have had a strong monastic theme, but there was nothing austere or even ascetic with the looks seen on the red carpet at the annual gala, held Saturday at the grand ballroom of Shangri-La at the Fort.
Jill M Pinks Tile Hill South Wordplay has little to do with Mrs May MR Jock Brownlee may well be right about Prime Minister being "out of her depth" (Letters, Oct 17), but it's not because, as he suggests, "she can't tell the difference between aesthetic and ascetic" or because "she even wants to give Jeremy Corbyn a P45".
Written by a Nepalese poet and trained ascetic, this precise collection of poems combines the pain of homelessness with the joy of traveling.
Ramdev refused to accept the Padma award saying as an ascetic he should refrain from rewards.
Gina Cogan's study of the life and ascetic practice of Bunchi (1619-1697), the eldest daughter of Emperor Go-Mizunoo and founder of Enshoji, a Rinzai Zen convent that she established at Shugakuin in Kyoto in 1642, provides valuable insight into religious reform in early modern Japan.