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By the 16th century, many individual lay people pursued the life of perfection through the guidance of very popular ascetical manuals.
15) Unknowing, impotence, transformation, becoming other, and conversion, then, mark the work, the spirituality, of the "care of the self," the by-products of which we might tentatively name erotic movement and ascetical work.
By the fourth century and through the Middle Ages, ascetical ideals, closely associated with monasticism, were often proposed to and expected of secular priests as well as monks and nuns.
From my perspective, the biography of a life as ascetical, as religiously devoted and outwardly uneventful as Newman's (I mean, good luck making a movie out of his life), needs a solid grounding in the world and the times of its subject.
After all, in the words of the authors of A Manual of Pastoral Theology (1932), "the cure of souls is an expert's task, demanding a knowledge, not only of psychology, but of the Church's tradition of moral and ascetical theology.
Hopkins, it can be inferred from his remarks to Patmore, feared that the sermon advocated Christian abstention from lawful things not as an ascetical counsel but as a required protection against their sinful use.
The tension between the ascetical life of the people of Berlevaag and the worldly orientation of outsiders to the sect comes to the point of conflict in the figure of Lorens Loewenhielm, the young officer who had fallen in love with Martine on a visit to Berlevaag thirty years earlier.
Muller-Bardoff links the abundance of single women to an ascetical movement traceable to the eschatological fervor attested in 1 Corinthians (1958, 60).
Catherine of Sienna has remained influential over several centuries, verifying the overlap and potential confusion between religious piety and ascetical practices gone awry.
Even a cursory glance at the essays, reviews, and commentaries appearing in the pages of Modern Age will reveal not only a resolute engagement with the problems and proclivities highlighted in these paragraphs, but also a conservatism that, in disposition, temper, sensibility, is moral, contemplative, and ascetical in practice and perspective, and at once diagnostic and corrective in exposition and commitment.
For this misdemeanours Joe is put in jail as a spiritually broken man suffering from guilt, Simon is sent away to heal from his physical wounds and broken bones, while Kerewin decides to raise her tower--which seems to her to be "as cold and ascetical as a tombstone" (Hulme, 1986:272)--to the ground and leave the area.