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Although ascetically interesting, the chapter floundered and made one wonder if there were not more significant strategic events that should have been in this book rather than this one.
In Dante's scheme, the vice for which the penitents are being punished is highlighted by a commensurate virtue, experienced ascetically. For example, the Slothful, whose sin was a failure to love with appropriate zeal, train their deficient consciences through constant motion.
While the shift in in the realm of consumption from savings to attempts at self-actualization may seem to betoken a move away from the asceticism that characterizes the Protestant work ethic in its classic form, Weeks' persuasively argues that it instead produces neoliberal capitalist subjects as "ascetically indulgent consumers" (2011, 49).
About 0.1 mL of POME sample was serially diluted in sterile distilled/deionized water and aliquots of the dilutions were ascetically plated into the media (nutrient agar and nutrient broth, resp.).
Their pursuit goes far beyond mere recreation as we ascetically endure cold and inevitable sleep loss.
Furthermore, Pasolini made an ambiguous remark with regard to his last and most controversial film, Salo (1975): 'I am surely not planning to create an ascetically political, puritanical film.
Not so Birtles, who argues the Scrivener-driven design is superior, ascetically, symbolically and in its practicality.
Not quite as ascetically functional as the 78, these models are now 'pimped' with colour-coded and chromed exterior trim, front fog lamps and colour-matched over fenders.
"Kot," as he was known to his English-speaking friends and as Diment calls him, lived ascetically and scorned pursuit of renown.
While Hamilton represents Science in his 1825 letter to Lawrence as presiding ascetically over "its sphere of isolated intellect," as if within the confines of the individual mind, rounded by its skull, he depicts Poetry as a sociable complement to it: "man is not a creature of intellect alone." Indeed, he maintains, "[h]is heart is even more important than his mind; he was made to be a social creature, and his second duty is to love man.
In his own life, Fanon would live almost ascetically, refusing to be comfortable if the commodities offered compromised his values.
Brasco Design + Marketing created an interactive and ascetically pleasing website that accurately highlights N.C.