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Only after he breaks the chains of his slavery to the self and crosses the lines of pretentious asceticism, does San'an realize that the most important element on the path to the divine is love.
Some claimed, as do many modern scholars, that Paul never existed and that the story masked propaganda for a form of asceticism among the elite.
Asceticism in Qur'an and Nahjalbalagheh: asceticism is freedom from material world and moving toward hereafter, a spiritual and mystical virtue containing an excellent meaning that is introduced as a stage of devotion and is mentioned in holy Qur'an.
Likewise, Evagrius of Pontus, no amateur in the arena of self-denial, labeled the desire for extreme asceticism a form of gluttony.
For example, "the desert"--the practice of asceticism by such figures as the desert fathers and mothers of late antiquity--is seen here not as a Neo-Platonist rejection of the flesh but as a heightening of the sense of fleshly incarnation and an anticipation of the eschatological resurrection body, "a vision of the 'body glorious,' a transformed and transfigured body found in a theology that insisted .
Lawrence River, along with a group of Mohawk women, whom she led in the practice of Christian asceticism.
Asceticism in Greek means "training," and I suggest that the asceticism we humans ought to undertake is the daily dose of suffering that our finiteness sends us every day, unsolicited; embrace it for the goodness that lies hidden in it, and strive to transcend and transform--as much as possible the unavoidable pain in it into good.
In this asceticism, the means take priority over the end; the self-discipline needed to strategically attract and seduce women takes priority over the sex, or at least forms an important end in addition to the sex.
7) Thus, by the beginning of the seventeenth century, Kabbalistic ideas were widespread and asceticism was practiced by many pious Jews.
There's even something known as waterfall asceticism.
She said that under the great sage Udaka Ramaputta he had learnt high levels of meditative consciousness but with Kaundinya, he progressed towards greater austerity to find enlightenment through derivation and asceticism for all worldly possessions and through self mortification and starvation where upon he lived on either a beetle nut or leaf daily.
He was known for asceticism, his loving disposition and for drinking only water.