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Ascorbic acid (BDH), methylene green (Fluka with purity of 99.99%), methanol, ethanol and isoproponol (Merck) were purchased to prepare the solutions in aqueous, aqueous methanol, aqueous ethanol and aqueous isopropanol.
The formation of furan was correlated with the pH, sugar content, titratable acidity and ascorbic acid content of the produce.
Poultry are renal synthesizers of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) (Maurice et al., 2002) and diets are not normally fortified; hence, no recommended requirement is established by the NRC (1994).
Ascorbic acid (mg/100 g): Ascorbic acid content was significantly influenced by storage durations, storage temperatures and their interactions (Table 1).
Therefore, this work has as main objective to evaluate the efficiency of the ascorbic acid solutions as antioxidant for the soybean biodiesel added in the washing step
Flavonoids, like ascorbic acid, have been reported to lower uric acid levels due to its inhibitory property toward xanthine oxidase.
Ascorbic acid acts as an antioxidant and a cofactor and is required for different biological processes including synthesis of collagen and norepinephrine [6, 7].
We calibrated the Abbott Freestyle[R] Lite glucose meters against accurately measured solutions of ascorbic acid equivalent to concentrations in the blood over the range .5 to 1.5 mg/dl.
In the present study, we investigated the influence of TET3 knockdown on the effect of ascorbic acid on porcine SCNT embryo development.
Measurement of Ascorbic Acid. Standard indophenol method was used as described by Ranganna (1986) [18].
The effect of various organic solvents on conversion of L-ascorbic acid was studied under similar conditions using 50 mg Novozym 435 lipase, 800 mg of molecular sieve 3 [Angdtrom], 2.3 mmoles of flurbiprofen or flurbiprofen methyl ester, 0.57 mmoles of ascorbic acid, and 25 mL organic solvent at 160 rpm, at 50[degrees]C for 72 h.