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Middle-aged rats produce lower NADPH amounts compared to young rats ascribable to a difference in age (Schwartz and Pashko 2004) and oxidative status (Carmeli et al.
Portal hypertension in the NASH cases was not due to portal venopathy or extrahepatic vascular thrombosis and appears clearly to be ascribable to the steatohepatitis.
Second, ascribable intentions are integral to the category of action, and the formal structure of intentional action is borrowed from the laws of nature (viz.
Initial investigations, according to the chief of public prosecution, point out that the cause of the fire was ascribable to an electric short-circuit, ruling out any suspicious criminal act as the cause of the fire, the Bahrain news Agency report said.
According to it, Hume realized that the central connecting principles of his account of mind, which are ultimately ascribable to the imagination, cannot be accounted for only on the basis of empirical principles.
In a multicenter trial involving 49 patients treated with Genous, no patient had died or had reached the study's primary endpoint of sudden cardiac death, myocardial infarction or angiographic evidence of stent thrombosis (ST) ascribable to the study stent at three-month follow-up.
Has any requirement, generated by the fact that the decision is ascribable to others, been violated by the friend who filled in the card?
Factors that contributed to the performance in fiscal 2010 also included a sharp rise in market product income such as gains on bond trading, a decline in lending and deposit income resulting from lower interest rates and weaker funding needs among clients, and a drop in income at its consumer loan unit ascribable to the revised money-lending law.
While such cases are deemed ascribable to toughened inspections conducted by China and other countries on incoming goods from Japan at airports and seaports to check if they carry radioactive substances, Hayashida stressed the federation will step up efforts to have importers understand that steel products from Japan have no radiation problems.
The "unique position of RA within personality for religious individuals" is emphasized by the fact that RA's association with cognitive-perceptual schizotypy was not ascribable to adult attachment or neuroticism (p.
He exhibits a high level of illustrative proficiency ascribable to his years of experience (spanning over three decades).
There are accounts which seem enlightening to me, ascribable for the main part to the very treatises, which show how the social hierarchy was faithfully reflected in the hierarchy of appearances; indeed, the writers in their very ambivalence bear witness to the transition under way.