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The final achievement of the target power curve was divided into multiple stages whereby the roadmap of contributions ascribable to various improving factors could be identified.
IR spectrum of the ligand H2A has absorption bands at 1562, 1238 and 3171 cm-1 (weak multiple peaks), ascribable to the (C=O), (C-N) and (N-H) (the intra- and intermolecular H-bonds) bands.
Whether they belong to organized dissident movements or not, these young people recognize themselves in at least some of the values and targets of the dissidence, with particular regard to the claims related to human rights and personal freedom, and, beyond any ideological discourse, in the anger against the corruption and economic inequalities ascribable to the malfunction of the government (Alavi, 2004, p.
Macroprolactinemia is suspected when a hyperprolactinemic patient lacks clinical symptoms directly ascribable to the hormone excess (although some patients with macroprolactinemia do have signs and symptoms of PRL excess).
For this reason, patients refer palpitations ascribable to tachycardia and cardiac output is even three times greater than in normal conditions.
This unexpectedly high prevalence rate would not be ascribable to imported HEV infection alone.
These contrasting results may be ascribable to cultivar differences in absorption and response to K fertilization as well as environmental factors such as light, water and nutrient supply which always result in different outcomes (Paulo et al, 2000).
Mr Justice Khawaja has expressed himself in categorical terms in open Court and in the presence of dozens of media persons of established repute that the so-called counterfeit email address of Supreme Court used to deter a UK firm from making a statement against Dr Arslan Iftikhar in another pending contempt proceedings against Malik Riaz (former Chairman of Bahria Town) are ascribable to the applicant and that there is no doubt about the fact.
1] could be ascribable to the C-H asymmetric and symmetric stretching vibration of -[CH.
Second, ascribable intentions are integral to the category of action, and the formal structure of intentional action is borrowed from the laws of nature (viz.
Initial investigations, according to the chief of public prosecution, point out that the cause of the fire was ascribable to an electric short-circuit, ruling out any suspicious criminal act as the cause of the fire, the Bahrain news Agency report said.