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All wise men, to decline the envy of their own virtues, use to ascribe them to Providence and Fortune; for so they may the better assume them: and, besides, it is greatness in a man, to be the care of the higher powers.
Archer, evidently perceiving the uselessness of trying to ascribe the actions of foreigners to a sense of delicacy.
To naught else could I ascribe her strange deportment, yet it seemed far from possible that such could be the case, for the love of Dejah Thoris for John Carter had been a great and wondrous love--far above racial distinctions, creed, or religion.
I thought everybody knew what he was doing; he's playing cricket most of his time," was my measured reply; and if it bore an extra touch of insolence, I can honestly ascribe that to my nerves.
By love on one part and by forbearance to press objection on the other part, it is for a time settled, that we will look at him in the centre of the horizon, and ascribe to him the properties that will attach to any man so seen.
I refuse to make a hierarchy of human actions and ascribe worthiness to some and ill-repute to others.
There is nothing wrong in the thoughts I ascribe to Hippolyte; they are only natural.
Vera, judging only by her husband and generalizing from that observation, supposed that all men, though they understand nothing and are conceited and selfish, ascribe common sense to themselves alone.
The morning was hot, and the exercise of reading left her mind contracting and expanding like the main-spring of a clock, and the small noises of midday, which one can ascribe to no definite cause, in a regular rhythm.
And with them strange, uncanny notes that the girl could not ascribe to any particular night prowler--more terrible because of their mystery.
There was no question but what it was increasing, but he failed to ascribe it to the gin he had taken.
Maliciously to ascribe to another vicious actions which