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Ascribe Capital makes attractive risk-adjusted investments in securities of companies that are distressed or undergoing operational, financial, or other stress and securities trading at a discount to intrinsic value.
Ascribe offers a way to claim ownership of an artwork but cannot prevent the file from being downloaded or copied.
The court was told that, as a result, Ascribe Ltd, which supplies IT solutions to the healthcare industry including the NHS and has a turnover of PS33m, had gone on to sell the company at a loss.
As unveiled last week, Emis had agreed to buy Ascribe for an initial consideration of about GBP57.5m (USD92m/EUR69m) plus a potential cash earn-out of up to GBP3m.
Once all assays have been received sampling for metallurgical test work of the domains will be undertaken to ascribe product types and grades per domain.
Ascribe plc (AIM:ASP), the innovative health IT Group,today announced that it has successfully installed its Web Pharmacysolution at the Royal Bolton Hospital, part of the Bolton Hospitals NHSTrust and that the site is completely operational.
Ascribe said the web-based solution, which is based upon Microsoft's SQL server, enables hospitals to move forward with prescription technology.
This means identifying norms and values that underlie participants' actions in a particular setting and reaching understanding of the meanings they ascribe to their actions, rather than imposing external meanings.
Given the freedom to ascribe anything to anyone, there is no limit to the jokes that could take the form of marceauisms.
By considering the transition flow point where the pulp begins to move tangentially, axially, and radially in a pulper, we can ascribe a shear factor [lambda] that generalizes the apparent viscosity.
Bush refused to criticize Ward, saying, "I don't necessarily ascribe to the same biblical interpretation as others, but I do believe we need to have tolerance on both sides.
3:6, Paul claims that he was "blameless as to the law." To ascribe to Paul the belief that God gave Israel a law the people were incapable of living up to is to ascribe a very perverse view of God to the apostle.