ascribe blame

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The investigation led by the Dutch Safety Board aims only to determine the crash cause, not to ascribe blame.
A fact-finding mission of the OPCW is examining the Sarmin attack but it is not mandated to ascribe blame.
The UN report, the first on-the-ground inquest into that attack, did not ascribe blame.
report released Monday confirmed that chemical weapons were used in the attack, but did not ascribe blame.
report does not ascribe blame for the attack, but Fabius told RTL radio Monday evening: "When you look at the findings carefully, the quantities of toxic gas used, the complexity of the mixes, the nature and the trajectory of the (gas) carriers, it leaves absolutely no doubt as to the origin of the attack.
It is fashionable on the political right to ascribe blame for the recession on the financial distortions produced by the Community Reinvestment Act and the quasi-government agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but blaming such programs, noxious though they are, for the enormity of the crisis is akin to, in another of Woods' bons mots, "divert[ing] attention to the patient's runny nose and away from his cancer.
Secondly, people are more inclined to ascribe blame to someone for bad effects than they are inclined to ascribe praise for good effects.
Some critics, participants, and observers frustrated by the inability of the two sides to reach an agreement about SSM specifications have been quick to ascribe blame and question tactics.
ISSUE: Ordinarily the physician in charge of an operative procedure is responsible for the "count" and cannot ascribe blame for an error to the nurses assisting him or her.
There is nothing wrong with being self critical, but I have been shocked by how politicians and celebrities in Liverpool have jumped to ascribe blame over their Capital of Culture planning difficulties.
The court concluded that a reasonably prudent patient would have concluded that she had to continue her physical therapy as the solution rather than ascribe blame to her caregivers for her inability to walk.
In our haste to ascribe blame, we must recognize our own thirst for omniscience and omnipotence.