ascribe blame

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This leads some to try to ascribe blame to both sides, but that's often just a thin tactic to try to sound balanced.
When we hear these stories, we begin to ascribe blame to the victim rather than the abuser.
In a draft text seen by AFP they also called for a mechanism to probe chemical attacks -- and also ascribe blame for them -- and demanded that Syria engage in stalled UN-led peace talks.
Sports reporters also have an obligation to report on sexual violence without bias, taking care not to focus on the perpetrator without including the survivor's perspective, or to ascribe blame to anyone who has come forward to report.
The original sin, if we are correctly to ascribe blame, was committed in Addis Ababa at the founding of the Organisation of African Unity.
In this section, Schoenly quotes researcher Susan Morris, saying a just culture "strikes a balance between a no-blame culture that does not hold individuals accountable for their actions and the traditional, overly-punitive 'bad apple' culture that seeks to ascribe blame for error to individual practitioners."
They download the most content, are the most easily frustrated, and are quickest to ascribe blame when the download experience was less than optimal.
With both states committed to inaccurate hagiography regarding their first leaders, it is impossible to seriously ascribe blame for the painful events of partition.
The investigation led by the Dutch Safety Board aims only to determine the crash cause, not to ascribe blame. The probe is being led by the Netherlands because 196 of the victims were Dutch.
A fact-finding mission of the OPCW is examining the Sarmin attack but it is not mandated to ascribe blame.
The UN report, the first on-the-ground inquest into that attack, did not ascribe blame. But non-proliferation experts said the litany of specific evidence given implicated Assad's regime, while the latter claimed insurgents had been behind the attack and Russia backed Assad's claim.
report released Monday confirmed that chemical weapons were used in the attack, but did not ascribe blame.