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I refuse to make a hierarchy of human actions and ascribe worthiness to some and ill-repute to others.
Secondly and thirdly we may ascribe the rise of the new epic to the nature of the Boeotian people and, as already remarked, to a spirit of revolt against the old epic.
There, you always ascribe base, vile motives to me," she said with tears of wounded pride and fury.
Conversely, the collectivist mindset is more common in Eastern cultures, and ascribes value to the oneness of communities, stressing the relationships between individuals, the study said.
The only references to us I can find in the issue are on page 35 (an obscure actress from the old Ed Sullivan Show) and page 30, where a disappointed 22-year-old ascribes his bad online karma to "some old pervert preying on children and teenagers.
The man to whom she ascribes such sentiments is a known gang member who, at the time of the robbery, was on probation for a home invasion.
Initially, it was basic research," says Schrock, who ascribes his discovery to "being in the right place at the right time.
It's a doubly embarrassing admission: Not only is Rand one of the most important figures in the libertarian movement of which reason is a part, but this magazine's name is an homage to her philosophy, Objectivism, which ascribes a key role to rationality.
Nobody who followed Richard Rothstein's columns in the New York Times or his earlier work on education will be surprised that his new book ascribes most of the black-white achievement gap to social class and economics.
whose region includes the Institute's Pennsylvania-based chapters) ascribes Pennsylvania's concession to the comments submitted by TEI and others.
He omits a major aspect of Aristotle's faculty psychology, which makes the Stagirite compatible with the Platonic anthropology that Levi ascribes to the humanists and reformers.
Along the way it ascribes some very Enron-like machinations to nursing home ownership, such as self-dealing and related party transactions, that the magazine implies are boosting profits to healthy, even obscene, levels.