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It must be said point blank, however, that Levi does not show that the magisterial reformers shared the ethics and anthropology that he ascribes to the humanists.
But he ascribes the biggest share of the blame to Shamir, "a man who, for most of the Israeli public, seemed to belong to the past, not the future.
He ascribes this to the fact that business has indeed stabilized.
The engineer then ascribes present values to the revenue stream in future years, typically using a 15% discount factor, so that very little value is ascribed to the production in the "out years.
Throughout the article, McMenamin ascribes innocent motivations to Stewart while ascribing evil motivations to the government.
But, once again, she quickly and prudently ascribes their similarities of thought (on the need to distinguish story and plot) to shared Aristotelian notions of how to order one's material.
Lockley ascribes the quadruped tracks to pterosaurs because of the distinctive toe and finger impressions.