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More to the point, ascribing one thought does not commit us to any views about other thoughts the organism might be able to have.
Attributing it to Maimonides is every bit as controversial as ascribing to Thomas Jefferson a belief in the existence of certain inalienable rights.
Silvano places the four writers firmly on the latter side, to which they provided intellectual support by ascribing to the ancient traditions now threatened the peace and justice that distinguished Venice from Rome.
Short of the National Marine Fisheries Service in Juneau, Alaska, to suspect that there is at least some possibility that Exxon is ascribing to other sources a portion of the oil that actually came from the Valdez spill.
Astington rounds out the religious politics of Malvolio's shaming, which, in ascribing impotence to Malvolio, lies "entirely within the English festival tradition" (34).