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Unfortunately this point does nothing to eliminate the disturbing metaphysical consequences of denying the property ascription A [element of] [Delta] [intersection] [Delta][prime] once A [element of] [Delta] and A [element of] [Delta][prime] have been granted.
Ascription can be summarised as those things we might tend to brag about over coffee.
However, if we stick to 'raw experience', as James would have it, we can remain aware that we are talking about process and thus remain cognizant that any label we provide is an ascription we attach to that process in order to talk about it.
13) So, instead of seeking to protect God from the ascription of violence or to disavow it even as a possible divine function, a better route would be to accept what is discovered, regardless of theological consequences, without adding a priori parameters and caveats.
Personal Norms, Ascription of Responsibility, Awareness of Consequences Scales included 25 statements targeting teacher candidates ' specific behavioral beliefs on energy conservation (Ibtissem 2010; Steg, Dreijerink, and Abrahamse, 2005).
What they say Hugo Palmer, trainer of Ascription He ran a bit Flat at Goodwood so we gave him break and he seems to have come back to his best.
Racial hierarchy entails that the probability of a person experiencing social disadvantage increases conditional on holding a subordinated racial ascription; the probability of a person experiencing social advantage increases conditional on holding a superordinated racial ascription.
This disturbance is not to be understood as a temporary condition that retains its validity only during a state of emergency but as an enduring ascription or the possibility of such an ascription that marks the presence of the spaces once and for all.
He was well beaten by Ascription on that occasion and a further start at Newmarket the following month yielded a similarly disappointing result, so Charlton bided his time before sending him to Kempton at the end of October.
As a final illustration, I believe the authors could have strengthened their argument about parodied songs that use portions of familiar texts and familiar musical riffs by drawing from conceptual work on musical and lyrical ascription (e.
The view derives a good part of its plausibility from Part II, the consideration of the defeaters of ethical ascription.
The four-year-old has been plying his trade in some of the big summer handicaps and has largely acquitted himself well, particularly when beating Ascription at Haydock in August.