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The report also inculcated detailed profiling of numerous distinguished vendors prevalent in the global Aseptic Packaging market.
EnPro said the addition of Aseptic Group will allow further expansion of its product offering and will deliver value-added solutions to support customers in these demanding and highly regulated industries.
The Aseptic Group is reportedly comprised of Aseptic Process Equipment SAS and Aseptic Services SARL).
Uflex is the first Indian manufacturer of aseptic liquid packaging material.
'We achieve this by placing the aseptic blowing wheel in the same sterile zone where filling and capping processes are performed.
Even though the Ecolean Air Aseptic is light and thin, it is made up of a multilayer co-extrusion film that protects the product so that it can travel long distances, handle harsh environments and withstand long-term storage.
Increased demand is coming from the dairy sector where companies have observed the benefits of aseptic packaging with cartons and have adopted the technology for daily use.
The market intelligence and advisory services firm says aseptic technology "ensures the longevity of the drug inside the package, thus reducing the risk of the patient being harmed by a drug that has gone bad.
The Chinese premium aseptic carton segment is a growing sector, with several food companies looking to gain market share by exporting their products in metalised packs.
The addition of a new multipurpose aseptic API line at AMRI's facility in Valladolid, Spain, enhances capacity at the site and complements its other aseptic API manufacturing plants in Bon Encontre and Tonneins, France.
The Process Authority for the Sidel aseptic filler was Dover Brook Associates (DBA).
While aseptic packaging is prominent in the merchandising of liquids, including milk, juices, soups, sauces, nutrition and sports drinks, and more, it also is set to be increasingly prevalent in the pharmaceutical sector.