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A 1-mL aliquot was aseptically removed from the bag and transferred to a sterile 1.
If I want to take tofu with me, I take a box or two of aseptically packed tofu so I don't have to worry about refrigeration.
Prior to joining O2, Luke was the Director of Strategic Planning for Hanford Pharmaceuticals, a contract manufacturer and global supplier of aseptically processed antibiotics.
The product is not aseptically filled, so requires refrigeration in shipping, display and storage.
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, the lead Trust for the WMPA is wishing to seek expressions of interest from suitably qualified and capable suppliers able to supply a range of aseptically prepared batch manufactured anticancer chemotherapy drugs in ready-to-administer presentations in agreed dose bands.
Since each BPA-free bottle is aseptically filled, the antioxidants and electrolytes in Molokai remain potent.
Dalton carries out sterile fills to produce batches of finished drug product in vials or syringes, either aseptically filled or terminally sterilized, under fully validated conditions.
The researchers purchased aseptically packaged vanilla pudding locally and stored it at appropriate temperatures.
Whole blood samples were drawn aseptically from each lion into EDTA tubes, stored at 4[degrees]C before being returned to the laboratory, and then frozen at -70[degrees]C in the laboratory.
The control and PEF-treated products were aseptically packaged in 180-ml plastic cups and stored at 4 C and 22 C.
The Sterile Tube Fuser aseptically joins large-bore thermoplastic tubing without the need for laminar flow, ensuring unsurpassed weld quality for reliable fluid transfer.
Under this program, Formatech will donate the services required to aseptically fill and finish one lot of the drug candidate for use in support of Femta's upcoming clinical trials.