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'You stand out even brighter in your service for the asinine behavior of this sh*t,' he added.
Trump, who prides himself (and his supporters weirdly love it) for not backing down and even doubling and tripling in his asinine positions, finally found himself in a position he had no choice but to back down and this had to do with the public outcry for this policy of separating children from their parents and holding the children in what others called Nazi-like camps.
Never mind the asinine noises from a few public school buffoons.
A little over a month after Berkshire Hathaway chairman and CEO Warren Buffet ( expressed his dislike for cryptocurrencies, saying "they will come to a bad ending," vice-chairman of the company Charles Munger expressed his disdain for bitcoin, calling it a "noxious poison" and investments in it "totally asinine."
While mudslinging and hurling of insults and accusations on one another have daily been heard as if it's holy recitation and is obligatory for them to start with, Pakistani politicians have also been seen for a few years to propagate dharna culture to get their unreasonable and asinine demands satisfied.
But like every cultural touchstone that merits our fullest emotional engagement, Star Trek resonates because so many of us are swayed by its ethos, and its ethos has always been about avoiding precisely the sort of prickish move CBS just pulled with their asinine paywall.
" might be one way to summarise Karl's Sharro's sometimes asinine but always perceptive tweets on the many contradictions of UK, US and European politics.
Incensed Mr O'Neill launched into a tirade, calling her an "asinine and pretencious (sic) bully" and claimed she made a young waitress in training cry.
Still, no matter how many times you see "Noises Off," you won't get all the jokes or catch every sight gag in Michael Frayn's rollicking 1982 backstage farce about a second-rate theatrical troupe taking an asinine British sex comedy on a tour of the provinces.
Many of the book's weaker chapters and Ana's asinine inner monologue have been stripped out, but not the sex.
But this editorial isn't about asinine airline travel, it's about stuff nobody needs.
It baffles the mind why someone would bestow upon themselves an asinine moniker such as 'Hagalicious Sheeraw Bootylicious'.