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ALL sports have their problems, be they drug cultures, routine vilification of authority, institutionalised cheating or asinine leadership.
Knickers apparently firmly in a twist, he continued: "Why do these asinine reports jump onto a bandwagon they don't understand and why do those reporting on them relate with such glee that a service that was never supposed in the first place to be more than gossipy tittle-tattle and proudly banal verbal doodling is 'failing to deliver meaningful commercial or political content'?
There are essentially two ways in which a person can use YOLO: ironically or as a way to be nonchalant about doing really asinine things.
In "an open letter to a deluded mayoral candidate," Rabbi Dovid Bendory, Rabbinic director of the pro-gun organization Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, took Rolley to task for his asinine suggestion.
He said: "What I do for a living has provided people with an almost bottomless container of clips of me doing the most asinine things.
So why in earth do they need asinine wind generation, which is unquestionably at the mercy of the wind?
But if the law and court processes are asinine, it is understandable and perhaps even right to have contempt for t hem
We have been adamant that in order for the ChinaHybrid space to flourish, companies need to abandon silly capital raises at asinine P/E multiples.
In the past you could count on Darling Alistoir to place a call late on a Friday; portly to issue a hatful of asinine orders for the weekend but mostly to check
Sue Barker will giggle every time some dashing former heartthrob of the Centre Court wanders into her studio and will continue to ask pointless questions which require, nay demand, completely asinine answers.
New graduates and school leavers can be trusted to ignore such asinine, avuncular advice.
To ask your agents not to cooperate with The Real Deal is asinine.