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So why should the RFU's asininity come as such a shock to the England squad that they should creep up the blindside and make the appalling decision to go on strike?
The two leagues need some separate identity, and not the asininity of the designated hitter, but Selig took it away.
It beautifully illustrated the extent of the irrational fear and asininity of the religious right.
Now, thanks to the bellowed asininity of Donald Finlay QC and an alleged tape recording of Craig Brown, we have to listen.
Friedman carries his analysis to the level of asininity when he starts treating countries as if they were corporations.
Forrest wanted to demonstrate that the inferiority of Negroes disqualified them for military service and to reveal the asininity of the Union's policy that allowed Negroes to join its military.
He saw that what had happened in the Soviet Union was not "unity," but the enslavement of art by the state, which resulted in nothing more than "bombastic asininity - the absolute denial of the marvelous.
Users will flock to this new entity, avoiding flamers, asininity, and noise.
The extent to which critical communication scholars engage in this exercise--for example, adopting trendy but mostly incomprehensible jargon--is the extent to which critical communication scholars insure their irrelevance, even asininity.