ask advice

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"I am not acting in haste," Alexey Alexandrovitch said coldly, "but one cannot ask advice of anyone in such a matter.
It is a subject on which I should never ask advice; it is the sort of subject on which it had better never be asked; and few, I imagine, do ask it, but when they want to be influenced against their conscience.
They don't know a thing about business 'n' never did, and Mirandy's too secretive and contrairy to ask advice."
I'm glad of that; but really, uncle, I do feel as if I must take care of the boys, for they come to me in all sorts of troubles, and ask advice, and I like it so much.
Felicity and Cecily went into the house and Sara Ray and the Story Girl went home, but Peter decoyed me into the granary to ask advice.
'you came to ask advice of me, and I will serve you as faithfully as if you were my own sister; but I must turn the tables, since you oblige me to do it, and are so friendly to me, and I think I must ask advice of you.
"People, in general," he said, "only ask advice not to follow it; or if they do follow it, it is for the sake of having someone to blame for having given it."
'I never ask advice about growing,' Alice said indignantly.
Lynde; for of no other woman in Avonlea would Matthew have dared to ask advice. To Mrs.
"It follows," pursued Aramis, "that you are going to ask advice, to put your conscience at ease in the matter?"
'If I ask advice of any one else, it's only letting in another person to be bought out, and then I shall be ruined that way, and might as well have given up the property and gone slap to the workhouse.
She wondered about it, and would have liked to ask advice from someone--the older Mrs.