ask for recommendations

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Our software is truly unique in that it shows you the on and offline connections you have to the people you want to recruit across the web making it easy to ask for recommendations or find the best way to introduce yourself and your job opportunity.
We ask for recommendations on how Norway can work on a better way to contribute to the goal that an asylum application is submitted, and will be treated as one country.
Do you ask for recommendations from other companies?
general overview of Oregon State Hospital, update on construction and presentation from Lane County chapter of National Alliance on Mental Illness; hospital leaders will answer participants' questions and ask for recommendations for future outreach activities; 503-947-9982.
It is also advisable to ask for recommendations and do market research to ensure printers under consideration can withstand heavy use, particularly if yours is a high-volume facility.
Vet your advisers, If an accountant sells you a lot of dreams saying, "I can do this for you," ask for recommendations.
Users can create local clubs to start discussions, make or ask for recommendations, plan events, keep track of local news, swap helpful tips and advice and even save money by buying together.
It's like we don't have to ask for recommendations anymore, we can just go for dinner - that's easier.
If they do not have directors available, ask for recommendations.
Ask for recommendations from others they have assisted and contact the individuals for their opinion of the work.
Online shoppers can also ask for recommendations from friends/family through their social network.
If parents come to me and ask for recommendations for books to get their sons reading, then these will certainly be on the list.