ask for relief

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And that precludes the person from even getting in front of an immigration judge to ask for relief.
I saw two people who came out to ask for relief goods and they opened the fire on them from the mountains," Gohar Ali, a Mingora resident, said.
As part of Pala's written demand it advised the Minority Directors that if they fail to withdraw and reissue their Proxy Circular and accompanying form of Proxy, Pala will have no choice but to ask for relief from the British Columbia Supreme Court.
14 to ask for relief from state business activity taxes.
Airlines ask for relief from fuel tax, cite storm's impact.
For that matter, landowners may ask for relief only if they owned the land at the time the planning was adopted, which in many cases was 30 years ago.
Suddenly the deal that the people struck 25 or 50 years ago, now doesn't look so good, so they go to their congressmen and ask for relief.
The two men, both hailing from Kagoshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan, were visiting Japan to meet parliamentarians to ask for relief legislation as well as officials of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations for their help.
It was plugged in the soft ground and he was so happy not to have to go back to the tee he did not ask for relief - he just hit it.
Larry Silverstein recently urged a gathering of the Young Mortgage Bankers Association to write or telephone their congressman and senators to ask for relief to today's credit crunch.