ask for relief

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Today, she does not have time to ask for relief food again, as the income generated from the produce can comfortably sustain her and the children.
Game of Thrones' actress Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays the translator Missandei, posted a video on Instagram to ask for relief efforts to the storm-damaged island nation of Dominica: 'Just a quick appeal for the people of Dominica suffering right now, post-Hurricane Maria.
and Kev Coleman, head of research at the firm, ask for relief in a comment on new draft individual market stabilization regulations.
Mr Flynn said: "For 25 years, parties of all colours have failed to respond to the appeals from the seriously ill who have suffered agonies of pain when they ask for relief that is provided by the only medicine that works for them, which is cannabis.
You can telephone HMRC and ask for relief on your fees.
And that precludes the person from even getting in front of an immigration judge to ask for relief.
On Twitter, netizens used the hashtags #sandyaid and #sandyvolunteer to ask for relief or find out where they could help, and crowdsourced maps sprung up online to locate available wifi spots or places where supplies were available.
I saw two people who came out to ask for relief goods and they opened the fire on them from the mountains," Gohar Ali, a Mingora resident, said.
14 to ask for relief from state business activity taxes.
Airlines ask for relief from fuel tax, cite storm's impact.
For that matter, landowners may ask for relief only if they owned the land at the time the planning was adopted, which in many cases was 30 years ago.