ask for suggestions

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The police, at these centers, would be in contact with lawyers and bar councils to ask for suggestions and consultation regarding people's complaints, Imam briefed audience.
The three forms designed by the board ask for suggestions related to changes in customs tariff rates, rules and procedures as well as changes in customs act 1969, according to an FBR notification.
Musk didn't ask for suggestions, but the Internet obliged anyway.
Sometimes, I even go on Twitter and ask for suggestions: it can inspire me a little!" Rob found one of his biggest commissions yet after a friend nominated him to illustrate a special edition of The Big Issue.
we ask for suggestions on the structure and performance of the following:
"The government should ask for suggestions from the common people to solve this problem.
"Although we regularly ask for suggestions some people are guarded in their responses which is why we decided to participate in Undercover Boss.
"It's best to just be honest, and say you're cutting back, but you still want to have a celebration and ask for suggestions: Closing the office for the afternoon and having a potluck is a great idea.
The rest of the time staff ask for suggestions from parents about other flags they could fly.
They throw out subjects to the studio audience and ask for suggestions back, from which they create inventive, surreal and sometimes just plain bizarre sketches.
Massoth said the objective of the letter to local residents was two-fold: to alert residents about the store's presence and its offerings, and to ask for suggestions on providing better or expanded services.