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asked Jo, delighted with the fancy which lent a little romance to the very dull task of doing her duty.
asked the scientist in a whisper, as the man went on.
asked Arobin, seeking to detain her, the maid having left the room.
Huldah Meserve asked permission to cover the largest holes in the plastered walls with boughs and fill the water pail with wild flowers.
asked Magdalen, after waiting a moment, and thinking first.
He nodded assent, and pulled out his thief-dreaded watch, and asked me where I was going to dine?
And another time a whole school of porpoises came dancing through the waves; and they too asked Polynesia if this was the ship of the fa- mous doctor.
asked Moncharmin, who had never been so much amused in his life.
He then turned to Aladdin, and asked him his trade, at which the boy hung his head, while his mother burst into tears.
An old woman passed by, and asked them why they were so sad.
The chain of galley slaves had by this time come up, and Don Quixote in very courteous language asked those who were in custody of it to be good enough to tell him the reason or reasons for which they were conducting these people in this manner.
D'Artagnan asked some questions about this prolonged melancholy.