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The US, British, French and German envoys were not asked along, while the EU declined its invitation, saying it was the task of UN nuclear inspectors to carry out such visits.
Buck was delighted to be asked along to join an all-star cast which includes among others, producer Garret 'Jacknife' Lee, American indie darling M Ward and his sometime musical partner, the actress Zooey Deschanel.
He added: "I've also asked along representatives from SIS, TurfTV and racing - and other interested parties.
She was specifically asked along to speak about arts and culture, and spoke about Aboriginal issues such as Metis identity and residential schools.
The first question we have been asked along this line is "What is the most reliable source for good crop production information?
I think some questions are being asked along the lines of 'just how much profit will be taken away from the banks.
I was asked along to Cheltenham and in the box next door was JP McManus and Dermot Desmond and all that Irish gang in there.
Ultimately many risk managers see the Spitzer investigation--and the resulting questions asked along with a move to the independents--as benefiting the profession itself, protecting their companies and shareholders.
But I love being asked along for charity days and testimonials.
Always, questions should be asked along the lines of "is there a better way to build this mousetrap than how we have always done it?
com/ web site will post the information provided at the conferences, as well as questions asked along with the responses.