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Distributors also assured that they will in future insist to the channel to become DCG members and a DCG Certificate will be asked along with other bank details for credit approvals, which is further expected to help.
Kleingers was asked along with a fellow MISMO colleague to oversee the validation of the MISMO data model itself.
At various times during her employment with Gabryszak, Mazurek said she was invited to join the assemblyman for massages, shown pictures of women that he had taken on trips, and asked along with another female staffer to dress up in a sexy elf costume and sit on the assemblyman's lap as he played Santa Claus.
You can expect a fair and friendly experience if asked along for an interview.
"To help my recovery, I learned to cook and developed an eating plan to regain my strength, which has developed into a philosophy of cooking - that we can all eat ourselves healthy by feasting on the right sort of top-notch gourmet food.'' She adds: "What a pleasure it is to be asked along to be one of the two headlining acts, along with Paul Hollywood, at one of the biggest and best regional food festivals in the country."
"I was honoured to be asked along today to meet the guys," he said.
We were asked along to see the art gallery's winter fair, but I confess I was more interested in its collection of works by Wales' most-celebrated artist, Kyffin Williams.
Questions about R/S beliefs usually are not perceived as intrusive if asked along with other questions that focus on patients' social support system and may help identify barriers to self-harm or harm to others.
He will travel with fellow Reds legend Ian Rush as a club ambassador and was delighted to be asked along.
Disneyland Paris was turning 20 and we, along with celebrities such as Jonathan Ross and actress Salma Hayek, were asked along to help blow out the candles with the real VIPs - Mickey and co.
I'd been asked along to unveil the amazing new Jaguar C-X75 concept supercar.