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The poll, by recruitment firm, asked around 2,300 graduates what they thought helped them get their first position.
The research, which was carried out by Oxford, Bristol, and Warwick universities, asked around 7,000 children aged 12 if they had experienced a sibling saying hurtful things, hitting, ignoring them or lying about them, Press Tv reported.
I have asked around army veterans, library and museums, but know one seems to know about this book, if there is one, or where it is supposed to be kept.
They had no family and they had asked around to see if we could witness them signing their will a few weeks ago.
I've asked around locally and nobody has an idea what's going on.
"I asked around and was told that a spotlight got overheated, leading to the banner catching fire.
"We asked around the team and Macmillan turned out to be the charity that we all hold dearest."
Were all the questions asked around the dinner table, genuine warm and cozy?
Once the apartment was identified, we asked around the neighbourhood before the suspects were nabbed," the Star Online quoted, Gan Kong Meng, George Town OCPD Asst Commissioner, as saying.
Sheila says she has asked around her friends and neighbours but no one seems to know where these children moved to.