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And the village was deserted, the huts gaped black, rotting, all askew within the fallen en- closures.
The mantel's chastely severe outline was ingloriously veiled behind some pert drapery drawn rakishly askew like the sashes of the Amazonian ballet.
At the corner of the pavement, in a short, stylish overcoat and a low-crowned fashionable hat, jauntily askew, with a smile that showed a gleam of white teeth and red lips, stood Stepan Arkadyevitch, radiant, young, and beaming.
Some of these ancient habitations, with high garret gable-windows perking into the roofs, have a kind of French shrug about them; and being lop-sided with age, appear to hold their heads askew, besides, as if they were grimacing in astonishment at the American Improvements.
You're talkative, mistress,' said Varden, pulling off his greatcoat, and looking at her askew.
The features of the surrounding picture were, a church with hoarding and scaffolding about it, which had been under suppositious repair so long that the means of repair looked a hundred years old, and had themselves fallen into decay; a quantity of washed linen, spread to dry in the sun; a number of houses at odds with one another and grotesquely out of the perpendicular, like rotten pre- Adamite cheeses cut into fantastic shapes and full of mites; and a feverish bewilderment of windows, with their lattice-blinds all hanging askew, and something draggled and dirty dangling out of most of them.
Outside,' replied Riderhood, always beating it out, with his head determinedly set askew, and his eyes watchfully dividing their attention between his two auditors, 'outside the door of the Six Jolly Fellowships, towards a quarter after twelve o'clock at midnight--but I will not in my conscience undertake to swear to so fine a matter as five minutes--on the night when he picked up the body.
has not to this day paid her for the half-dozen linen shirts she made him and drove her roughly away, stamping and reviling her, on the pretext that the shirt collars were not made like the pattern and were put in askew.
Foxe then describes how Sir George Blage, a favored courtier, was arrested for heresy the "Sonday before Anne Askew suffered," condemned to death, and only saved by a royal pardon.
After Askew admitted the assault, Sheriff Lindsay Foulis said: "You have a significant record for crimes of violence.
Vulnerable David Askew collapsed after confronting youths in his garden.
Summary: A 17-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of the manslaughter of David Askew.