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Karan said women who dressed provocatively were asking for trouble.
To concede a free kick on the edge of your own box at Arsenal is asking for trouble.
Having pushed through a reform of the pension system this year, and with unions still licking their wounds, launching showbiz reforms on the eve of France's summer fest season was asking for trouble.
Launching a new car is never easy, but launching a new car and a new division and dealer body is asking for trouble.
What the pair see at Joe's house, besides some overdone (but maybe not) depictions of the American method of poor plant supervision, is chaos, command-and-control, needless complexity (including the effort in compiling data reports) and a lesson why "pushing" work material and orders into production is asking for trouble.
running on injured knees (such as a tom meniscus or a loss of articular cartilage) is like running a car engine without motor oil--you're asking for trouble.
Anything where you ask the dogs to run over a thousand miles is just asking for trouble.
Plopping wood-frame homes down near, or even in the midst of, such a tinderbox is simply asking for trouble.
Any insurer who attempts to avoid providing a defense without conducting an adequate investigation on the grounds that coverage is "highly unlikely" or "doubtful" is asking for trouble and setting itself up for a bad-faith lawsuit.
BASING a musical in the world of chess is asking for trouble.
Warns James Preston, CEO of Avon, "Companies that do not adjust to diversity are asking for trouble.