asking price

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Close behind was Abertillery, also in Wales, where homes achieved 91.7% of the asking price typically, while homes in Bishop Auckland in the North East of England generated 91.8% of the initial listing price on average.
"For first time buyers we have a lot of people who pay the asking prices for houses and also investors.
But in some places, sellers have typically been achieving their full asking price, the research found.
"Buyers in four regions are seeing higher new seller asking prices on average than ever before."
"Correctly priced homes continue to sell within a reasonable period and setting the asking price at the right level remains a key decision to agree with your agent," Donnell said.
The pattern was not universal however, with Scottish cities Edinburgh and Glasgow both reporting average selling prices above the original asking prices, as demand for housing stock continues to rise.
He said that will seem inconsistent to some people, given the ongoing uncertainty of Brexit, is that four out of 11 nations and regions have hit record highs for new seller asking prices.
"We've been seeing a few cheeky offers, but by and large we're getting houses sold at very close to their asking prices, and in some cases, exceeding them."
I must stress this growth in the asking prices of Huddersfield property doesn't mean the value of Huddersfield property is going up by the same amount.
Already, asking prices in London are typically PS55,458 or 9.9% higher than they were a year ago, at around PS616,548.
And in a year's time, asking prices will be another [pounds sterling]17,000 higher than they are now as the "stark imbalance" between housing supply and demand from buyers continues to push property values to more record highs, the website predicts.
It is also the fifth quarter in a row that property prices in the capital have risen, making the average asking price [euro]255,000.