asking price

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Its average asking price of PS300,001 is significantly higher than PS228,000 paid for an average home in England and Wales, according to the Land Registry.
9% or PS18,358 monthly price drop in London has helped push average asking prices down.
HOUSE sellers' asking prices reached a new record high in May amid signs that people's moving needs are taking priority over uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the forthcoming General Election, according to a property website.
At the other end of the spectrum, sellers in Exeter are the least likely to have cut their asking prices, with only 22% of homes on the market their having been reduced in price.
No region across England and Wales has seen average asking prices fall over the last year The smallest percentage increase was in Wales, where average asking prices edged up by 0.
Across England and Wales, sellers' asking prices are now 6.
Prices of homes on the UK property market increased again this month, with a third consecutive record for new sellers' asking prices.
Nicholas Avenue are on the market with an asking price of $14.
The best asking price is that which is well supported by the information contained in the offering package.
The asking price is a starting point," says broker Mike Teer.