asking questions

References in classic literature ?
Dogs nearly always use their noses for asking questions.
Artists, scene-shifters, dancers, supers, choristers, subscribers were all asking questions, shouting and hustling one another.
And you mustn't suppose that I didn't know, for instance, that if I began to question myself whether I had the right to gain power--I certainly hadn't the right--or that if I asked myself whether a human being is a louse it proved that it wasn't so for me, though it might be for a man who would go straight to his goal without asking questions.
It's such a steady decline that, by the time they are in, say, junior high school or high school, many kids are really not asking questions at all.
We all agreed asking questions was a rare quality in a man.
The programme aims to reach those who may not be able to attend public meetings due to childcare, people who are housebound, or those who wouldn't feel confident asking questions in a public arena.
PUPILS from Whitley Academy had a lesson in asking questions when they visited Coventry City Council.
It is also helpful to offer to arrange a follow-up meeting to assist the parents in further coming to terms with the information and asking questions that did not occur to them at the initial meeting.
is convinced that asking questions and listening to the answers is a lost art, particularly in business management.
When his customers found out he was a CPA, they started asking questions about their existing businesses and starting new ones.
By asking questions of other recyclers who use balers, a recycler who is shopping for a new unit can also get a feeling for the support and service capabilities an equipment manufacturer offers.
Are we asking questions about Stephen Harper and what he will do to dismantle our country or are we asking questions about Paul Martin and his inability to stand for anything?